E-max Dental Crowns- Pros And Cons

A dental crown (sometimes known as a cap) is a type of dental restoration which can help to improve the size, shape, strength, and appearance of the teeth which have become damaged, broken or cracked. As opposed to replacing the damaged tooth, a crown completely covers or encircles the existing tooth and makes it aesthetically pleasing while preserving its usefulness. The artificial, synthetic tooth is fabricated with wide range of materials in order to improve its esthetic appearance as that of a natural one. The materials used to make permanent crowns include metal, resin, porcelain-fused-to-metal and a complete ceramic. The E-Max dental crown is a form of all-ceramic crown which is preferred for its highly attractive appearance and longer lasting toughness qualities. The E-Max dental crowns are considered to be a breakthrough inclusion in restorative and cosmetic dentistry due to their best aesthetic appearance, strength and durability. E-Max crowns are fabricated with lithium disilicate, a glass ceramic material which is natural in appearance yet very strong and tough to withstand the pressures and incredible daily demands of the human mouth. Advantages The key advantage of E-Max crowns is that it blends in naturally without looking fake. These caps are indistinguishable from your natural teeth. With an appealing translucent color, the lithium disilicate ceramic dental caps appear more natural and flawlessly compliment the rest of your dentition.

The tooth-like shape makes the crown more visually appealing and transparent color of it provides an exact color match with your own natural teeth. Another advantage is their strength and durability. These crowns perfectly match your existing teeth without compromising strength and durability. In a study, it has been found that E-Max crowns were at far less risk of chipping compared to zirconia-based crowns. The majority of prospective patients prefer this type of crown over other forms because they will not break, crack or become chipped. There are no copings or metal alloy base with E-Max crown which means they will not have unsightly looking telltale “grey line” around the gum line like the metal crowns. These metal-free crowns can be a boon for patients with metal allergies. These crowns have very little side effects. Plus, the treatment procedure completes in a very short period of time.

You get the crowns fitted in only three weeks. Disadvantages Perhaps the only disadvantage of E-Max crown is to do with its cost. It is a premium crown which can be fitted without the need for any tooth preparation hence it is more expensive than other types of crowns. In addition, not everyone is a good candidate for E-Max crowns. So, it’s a good idea to discuss with your dentist before you decide to proceed with the implantation of E-Max dental crowns.